When we have time in the morning…

I admire those days when we don’t have to leave the bed early. We can rest as long as we want, or at least until we get hungry!

This breakfast is a classic, but the good thing about it is that you can customize it however you like. You only need 3 basic ingredients: bread, avocado and egg.

Have you guessed it yet? Yes! Kind of Eggs Benedict.

See? This is the fun part! I didn’t need bacon, nor hollandaise sauce, but it turned out to be delicious anyway.

So… toast the bread in the oven on a baking sheet, then slice up the avocado. You have already prepared two ingredients out of 3! Hurray! Next, put like 2 liters of water to boil and add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to it. This will help you egg to stay in a nice pouch form. When it starts bubbling just a little, stir the water to cause a whirl and add one egg in the middle at a time. (Obviously, crack the egg first into a small bowl.) When it’s done in a few minutes, get it out of the boiling water and place it into cold water. This gets rid of the access vinegar. You can also put some melted butter on top, just the way I did it.

Aaaand, your breakfast is done! Eat it in bed and get some more rest, you deserve it 😉

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